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Replica Rolex Explorer II Watches

The Submariner is also commonly known as the water ghost due to its excellent waterproof oyster case, and the all-steel black water ghost is the most popular. There is no need for the poison master to talk about the classics of the black water ghosts, I believe that all my friends are well-known.

Rolex Water Ghost Excellent Waterproof Oyster Replica Rolex Explorer Watches starts from the front. This is also the most common perspective that everyone sees. How to quickly distinguish the old and new black water ghosts mainly depends on these two methods. One is to check whether there is a small crown at six o’clock on the disk, SWISS The small crown in the middle of MADE is an important basis for judgment.

Replica Rolex Explorer Watches

The second is to check the thickness ratio of the lugs, but the old models may become thinner due to refurbishment. This requires a certain amount of experience to judge. So the most direct way is to look at the small crown. Some people will ask the difference of the font on the panel to see the difference. In fact, after 18 years, Replica Rolex Explorer Watches has made a new design for the font of the water ghost. The font part of the MK4 disk has been bolded, so This method does not apply to the distinction between old and new water ghosts.

Replica Rolex Explorer Watches

Hardly any changes were made to the outer ring and glass, just a little change in size, and an increase of less than half a millimeter was added to the overall outline-which also means that the original accessories are no longer suitable for the new water ghost. The laser LOGO on the glass has also been slightly changed, and the new model will be a little bit fatter. As for the number of dots, there is no intention to count them. Interested friends may as well tell the poison master to record them.

Looking at it from a 45-degree angle, you can clearly feel the difference between the two lugs. The old model is fatter and the new model is narrower. From the measurement data, the narrowest part of the old model is 27.8mm, and the new model is 26.8. mm, and subtracting the Replica Rolex Watches 1mm size of the strap difference, you can roughly conclude that the lugs of the new model are 1mm thinner on both sides than the old model, which can also be clearly felt visually.

Replica Rolex Explorer Watches

It will have a more visual impact if you take off the strap. It’s like an 80kg vs. 60kg boxing match. It’s short and sturdy. It’s always more affectionate. In terms of polishing, it still maintains the original level, fine wire drawing, knife-edge cutting and chamfering, and it will still have a sharp feeling when touched by hand.

From the side view, the thickness of the two has basically not changed, but from the actual measurement results, it is changed from 12.8mm to 12.5mm, and the old model is thicker. This subtle difference is mainly due to the problem of the movement and the disk surface. I will elaborate on it separately. On the premise that the thickness of the bezel, the crystal, and the bottom cover has not been changed, the middle shell part has been slightly slimmed, which is too slight so it is difficult to visually see the difference between the two. The length of the upper and lower sections of the lugs is also the same, and the data is Replica Rolex Watches 48mm.

Replica Rolex Explorer Watches

The strap part has changed a lot. You can see that the model has been updated. The original 97200 has become 97JB00. The size of the strap head has been increased from 20mm to 21mm. This change is also a very important change for Rolex. You must know that the Cheap Replica Rolex Explorer Watches head is 40mm and the Replica Rolex Explorer Watches strap is 20mm.